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We raise awareness of suicide, it’s impact on those involved and the support required to help both prevent suicide and protect the wellbeing of people affected.

Suicide Prevention Plan

These plans set out local steps to prevent suicide and make Devon a place where people do not consider suicide as a solution to the challenges they face.

About Us

DTSPA work closely with the emergency services and other organisations to raise awareness, develop support strategies, share information and in other ways work to prevent suicide and provide support for those affected by suicide.

For those in distress and their friends

We find and share resources which offer hope and support to those in distress and considering taking their own lives. There are so many people who care, and wish to offer guidance and love – we do what we can to connect them and to let everyone know – you do not have to be alone.

For services and workers

People such as care-workers, fire-services and ambulance crews face a greater chance of attending an incidence of suicide. This may have a profound and lasting emotional impact. We help such services plan effective interventions and support for their staff in these cases.


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DTSPA was founded and is run by a committed group of volunteers. If you’d like to donate your skills to support our aims, or your organisation would like to work in partnership, we’d be delighted to hear from you.


The Devon and Torbay Suicide Prevention Alliance(DTSPA) believes suicide prevention is everyone’s business and together we can all make our communities safer from suicide.

We are a group of Suicide talk, Safetalk and Approved Suicide Intervention Skills Trainers (ASIST). The DTSPA work with a variety of training providers across the County. Through training we can enable our communities in suicide awareness, alertness and intervention techniques. This not only helps to save lives but also contributes to reducing the stigma around both suicide and mental ill health.

We promote a range of training packages and providers which all contribute to the above aims.


DTSPA are involved with a number of projects. We work collaboratively with Recovery Devon and the Devon Recovery Learning Community to support mental well-being.

From joint funding bids to knowledge sharing, DTSPA believe in a co-operative and open relationship with the reduction of suicide and the causes of suicide always as the focus.

If you have a project idea, experience of best practice, would like to build suicide prevention into your work, or simply wish to discuss how we might work together we’d be happy to hear from you.

Get Help

Emotional pain can be a gateway to new growth and hope. If you are in distress, considering suicide or worried about how low your mood has become, there are people who you can talk to.

For Yourself

We have a list of organisations who will be there for you to provide an outlet and a compassionate ear. There are also letters of hope, written by people who have lived through difficult times and learned to find new light in the dark.

For Others

If you know someone who has expressed suicidal feelings we have resources to help you both with how to support them and how to look after yourself.


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Action to Prevent Suicide
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Contact Us

Write, email or call with any enquiries. Please be aware that we are a small team of volunteers and may not be able to respond immediately. If you need someone to talk to now, please call one of the groups here NEED TO TALK.


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